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Our hill top hut will set the scene of this entry. A 15 minute, heart pounding journey up hill, whilst less strenuous on a mobed, is relaively risky in gripless shoes. There we formed a small village of bungalows. Ours, the previously described viewing point, with outdoor shower and the potential to stand on a rock looking out to sea naked, if you so wished. The girls, emma and ella, inhabiting a slightly hotter version down the hill and the boys from manchester, had a batchelor pad room, with pool table and social venue. Our world revolved around this small enterage for the next eight days.

Our bungalow was inhabited by far more ants than I have ever seen in one space. Every slat in our hut was an ant army. Luckily they didnt make it to the pillows this time. Most mornings we would eat at the corner cafe on siaree beach. Here they serve the best baguettes we have come across in asia, with wholemeal bread (a real luxury, the pan bagna tuna a particular favourite, egg, pesto, salad tuna, nice). Ocassionally I ate museli and yoghurt on our balcony, transfixed by the view of the bay. A two minute walk further up the hill lead to the whale cafe. Named after the display of whale bones, a white washed wooden restaurant that was relatively cheaper than those in town where you can while away the hours listening the odd guitar strum. Whilst still touristy the island has a real sense of community and when snorkelling and beaching reaches boilng point, a cruise on the mobed is a nice addition.

Most evenings we frequented the pool bar, just of the high street the luxury of having a cocktail at the bar and in the pool, whilst forming human pyramids, what more would you want for an evening out on a tropical island. Jordan often the instigator of pool antics and Dan always the top of the pyramid due to avid weight loss in cambodia. With reference to the last blog, Jordan has informed me ADHD is not the issue, caffiene sensitivity on the other hand means he is banned from coffee breaks.

Here are some of the highlights. On a trip back to the shack one evening, after the whale bar, we bumped into a rather large red cobra that was having a rest on the dark gravel track. At first mistaken for a bit of wood, Jordan proceeded to boot it in the tail. Not one of his clever moments. Luckily returning unscathed, the torch was firmly at my side for the remaining evening strolls back to the bungalow.

The beach here is beautiful. As I have probably said the coral comes right up to the beach, the water is so shallow it is perfect bath temperature, and whilst not perfect for swimming, there is plenty of beach ball to be played. Jordan and I spent one afternoon playing beach ball whilst dancing to jazz music that was piped onto the beach.

The lads bachelor pad was part of a property owned by two elderly german men. We will call them Yan and Razamataz (as I can't remember the other guys name). They had previously owned a bar in germany and built there house here for 17,000 pounds. They had adorned their retirement home with buddhist relics and were often visited by a few corrupt policemen and friends from burma. One morning we saw their housekeeper watering what looked like weeds. On closer inspection they were actually cannabis plants. Apparently there were a host of more mature plants somewhere in the mountains. We spent a couple of nights sitting on their balcony talking to them. Insightful conversation.

Later in our say here tom and I spent a day on our own adventures. I opted for snorkelling at twin peak islands and tom took the moped out for the day around the island with a group of lads we had met in chang mai. Emma and I took a long tail boat at 11 in the morning across the choppy waters. I had the most amazing day, snorkelling for hours in the clear waters off the strip of beach that connected the two islands. The fish were beautiful. An array of colours, leapord print, rainbow, slim silver fish with teeth, sea cucumbers...

Whilst the coral itself was quite damaged, I had fun following the fish into their rock crevaces. A walk to the view point was also well worth the climb. From here you could see the entire island, the dive boats and long tail boats making their daily trips. Whilst the day cost 350 bath (5 quid),it was worth it. Tom had spent the day driving about, up and down dirt tracks. That evening we had dinner in the sunset cafe. The best view yet, and a hair raising trip on the back of the moped up the verticle track that lead there.

In the days that followed we began to get the urge to move on. Whilst again leaving some of the tribe we had formed behind, we still took a few with us. We booked the slow boat to surrathani, then a further 5 hour bus journey to Krabbi. Spent the night here watching football in an irish bar, then back on the boat the following morning to Koh Phi Phi. With Our new companion Jordan, a new adventure on the west coast of thailand had begun.

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