Newing 2008 NT Adventure travel blog

Vital Statistics

Distance : 633 KM

Diesel Price Gold Coast : $1.649

Fuel Economy : 11.5 litres / hundred

Up early for a long day of driving. The night before had been very windy and cold.

We woke up around 6am and were on the road by 7:10AM

We travelled 300K before having breakfast at Maccas (only the second time on the holiday) at Grafton.

We decided to stop in at South West Rocks for lunch. Lise's' sister Fiona had holidayed there a number of times along with a number of other friends, and had all given the place a rave review. So, we thought we would stop there for a picnic lunch by the water - or so we thought. We didn't have a map, and spent the next hour searching in vain for a nice beach on which to have lunch. We gave up in frustration, regreting our decision to turn off the highway as we had wasted so much time, and drove to nearby Kempsy instead to have lunch.

(Later in the day we picked up and map and realised that we were only a few hundred metres from the beach at several times in our search).

We arrived a Taree around 4:30 and checked into the Caravan Park. Once again we were greeted by small town hospitality as the managers of the Park couldn't have been more helpful in helping us get settled in.

We setup the van in 15 minutes (a record time proving that we are now old hands at this caravaning thing) and headed into town to find something to eat. We were astounded by the number of Chineese Restaurants. We selected a restaurant that suited our budget and had a nice meal before returning to the caravan park and bed.

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