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Our Bus for Tour

Does it Look Small - across canyon

Our tour ranger

Home on the edge of cliff

Outside Kievs - looks like a message being left

This where we're headed - across the canyon

Heading down to the ruins

Harvey heading up to ruins

We made it down

Looking up at one of the towers

Inside a tower - can you see the color

See original red painting done by the indians


Heading back up steps, very narrow

Coming up the wooden ladder to the top

We spent the morning in the park. It was amazing to see where the people lived and how they built their homes. As we were driving around and stoping at various points, you could look across the canyon and see the dwellings and they looked so small. Made you wonder how people could live in them. Ranger said most women were no taller than 5' 1" and men were usually about 5'6" to 5'8" - so they were not too tall. Most marriages were at age 12 and usually life span ended at 35. Usually only 1 in 5 children lived to adulthood. In the cliffs, population was about 50 to 60 and on the mesa could be about 60,000. They would go down to the cliffs, using toe and hand holds, for ceremonies. We had steps and wooden ladders to get around, they use the cliffs. Needless to say, we'd never made it using toe and hand holds - just barely using the "new stuff" that was about 70 years ago. So steps were narrow, uneven, and not uniform in height. Really had to watch your step that's for sure. The Cliff Palace is the most visited and the Ranger Guide there was really good. Most of the dates for habitation was from 70 AD to 1300 AD and then they just left. Went to New Mexico and Arizona. Not sure why other than too many folks - soil wore out, game moved farther away when juniper trees were cut down. Elevation for the park can go as high as 8,000 feet. The tour area ranged closer to 7000 feet, so had to take it easy. Also they cautioned to have plenty of water as you can dehydrate very quickly at that elevation. Weather is about mid 80's with a nice breeze most of the time since we've been here. Don't think I would have wanted to do the tour in the afternoon as it could get warm when down in the ruins, would have the full afternoon sun. It is definitely something to see but would recommend do the driving yourself as you can do the tours in the ruins with a ranger. Would give you a chance to stop at a few more places and stay longer if wanted to. The ranger did have more info you wouldn't know if doing it yourself.

Now we are making a change in our trip schedule. We are not going to Grand Junction tomorrow (8/26), heading to Canon City, Co, to see Royal Gorge. There is a bridge that spans a canyon you can walk across or drive and a tram ride that will take you out over the canyon (gorge) which looks very interesting. We will pick up at Ft Collins and be back on track. Not sure how internet will be tomorrow - just have to wait and see. Having a good time so far - feeling good - and no physical injuries yet! Catch you later on!

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