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I left Fargo this morning and off I go...I thought I'd just stay on I 94 but I guess I was a bit off. I could go that route but I'd go way out of my way and through some big cites like Chicago!! I'm going to Michigan but not anywhere near the bottom of the mitt, for goodness sakes.

So, it just so happened I called my brother and told him I was in Eau Claire, Wisconsin..thankfully, I wasn't to much pass my turn so I was able to get back on the correct road easily.

I'm now in a place of 6000+ people called Shawano WI. Tonight it's a Super 8 with a drag strip right out my window. They are having stock cars races right now, yep, it's a bit noisy!!! But, I was getting tired and my odometer is at 2,007 so I quit for the night.

I should reach my brother's house tomorrow. I will be driving the coast line of Lake Michigan and it will be just like today, I want pictures but I'm driving. After Jeff and I come back through I will show you how beautiful it is here.

This is my kind of scenery, I guess you can take the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl. I love all the green and the farms with barns that have one, two or more silos . The cattle crazing in the pastures, the large maintained green lawns, and all the corn fields, GREEN GREEN GREEN, everywhere..

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