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Some old houses in Melaka

Shopping in Chinatown

Old portuguese church and gate in Melaka

View of Melaka from our hotel room

After our lovely trip to the Camaron Highlands it was back on the bus for another cross country journey. The first leg of our trip was a 4 hour journey back to Kuala Lumpur. Then we had a quick lunch before getting back on the bus for another 2 1/2 hour ride to the coastal town of Melaka. Upon arrival we didn't have a hotel in mind so Ben and I searched around for a decent place while my parents waited on a street corner with our bags. We didn't have any luck because most of the hotels in the area recommended by the Lonely planet were dives so we ultimately decided to try to get a room at a fancy highrise hotel (The Equatorial) that we had spotted down the road. The hotel was gorgeous and had a huge, beautiul pool too. At $70 it was really worth it and my parents picked up the tab for Ben and I which was really great of them. Thanks Mom and Dad! After a refreshing swim in the pool we had a great dinner at a restaurant located on the Melaka river then we walked around the Friday night market in Chinatown. Melaka is a beautiful city and Chinatown is filled with beautiful old buildings and temples. The night market was hopping and there were several dance classes and Karaoke bars along the streets. It was hilarious to watch groups of older Malaysians doing country line dancing in Chinatown.

The next day after a nice breakfast in the hotel my Mom and I did some shopping and walking around while Ben and my Dad spent some time relaxing in the hotel. At noon we set off for the bus station and were able to catch a bus that was departing for Singapore at 1:30pm. The whole bus trip to Singapore was a bit chaotic. To begin with my Dad hit and scraped his head on the TV that was suspended from the ceiling -my poor Dad - it looked looked like it hurt. Then 20 minutes into the trip the bus started going slower and slower before grinding to a complete halt due to a bad clutch. Fortunately we only had to wait about 30 minutes until another bus was sent to pick us up. Once we were finally back on the road the trip went smoothly until we arrived at the border where there was a ton of traffic. For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of crossing an International Border by bus the process is as follows: 1) Upon arrival at the border, exit the bus to get you passport stamped from the country you are departing. 2)get back on the bus (if you can find it) and drive to the next border 3) get back off the bus, this time with all your bags and proceed to the immigration and customs counters for the next country. 4) Return to your bus for the final leg of your journey. It took us about 2-3 hours to complete this process and enter Singapore due to the traffic and volume of people that all had the same idea as us. During this time there was a downpour, it got dark and my Dad got interogated because of the cut on his head - they wanted to make sure he had someone to take care of him in Singapore and also wanted to know if he planned to sue the bus company for damages. In retrospect it was all really funny and I am extremely happy that the immigration officers didn't send my Dad back to Malaysia.

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