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Day 128 Monday 18th August Southwick State Park Woodville NY P71 NF12

Today has been a pleasant drive along the south coast of Lake Ontario. For most of the day we have driven through magnificent apple orchards (100 miles). I have never seen so many trees laden with fruit. We purchased some apples at a road side stall and were disappointed with them, I think they were last season’s crop and had been left out for a few days. The orchardist we spoke to said that picking will start in about 3 weeks time. I hope the apple season is the same in Canada so that we can get some fresh apples.

As on previous days, the properties with water frontage were in grand style. The American houses have so much style and character.

The small villages along the shores were also very quaint. With the average depth of Lake Ontario at 280 feet, there are no shortage of power boats and yachts moored at the marinas. Plus many of the villages have a lot of history attached to them, as they were the sites of a number of wars between the British and French, the French and the Indians and the Americans and the British in 1812. This area is celebrating the 250th anniversary of a battle between the French and the local Indian tribes.

Several road detours took us along a few back roads that we otherwise would not have seen.

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