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Olympic Stadium entry! White Elephant alert!

Helen outside the Olympic Stadium (now Telstra Stadium) in Sydney!

Gareth outside Telstra (Once Olympic!) Stadium in Sydney! Busy eh??

Aw Yeah!

But where's Rod?

Yay! Kangeroo! Wahoo!! Our first!!!!

Helen hangs out with a Roo!

Gareth gets the bounce factor going as he gets close and personal...

This Roo loves the camera. "Bring it on.", he said, before calmly...

Ahhhh! The Koala takes a little sleep up in a tree!

Tasmanian Devil! Yay! How exciting!!

More Koala action...

This huge parrot tried to have a chat with Gareth!

This Komodo Dragon was huge - brrrr! Looks like a dragon eh!!??

This funky turtle comes up to surface...

Steve Irwin eat your heart out!

Random slimy creature!

...and it's hungry.

This snake wants to eat you. Yessssssss. You ;-)


Scary black with red undercarriage snake!! Aggghhhh!!!!

Coolest animal on the block - everytime :-) - It's the Gekko!

Helen with the Giraffes, loving the Sydney backdrop!

Gareth with his new mate - aw yeah!! The giraffe is about...

The big units are in town...

CHINKY!!!?? Is that you mate!!?

G'day folks!

Fair Dinkum etc... !

Yeah... the Olympic Park. How can I describe it? errr very snazzy, brand new trains, state of the art facilities etc, and not a person in sight! Because it's all one big fat...


Yep. Another total Millenium Dome moment here guys. The whole complex is excellant and I'm sure that during the Olympics it was unbelievable, but... right here right now... nah. Waste of money!!

Never mind...

Very good all the same.

After the Olympic Park we all headed over to Taronga Zoo, which is over the other side of the harbour! Yay! Another chance to get on the water and enjoy the sights of this great city! The zoo is great, although on a very steep hill, so I definatly recommend that if you do tackle it you start at the top and work your way down! Hey, we've finally seen Kangeroos and Koalas! Yes, I know, so they are in a zoo and a bit tame, but it's good enough for me... for now!

The best part of the zoo is that it specialises in reptiles and lizards etc... Lots of Komodo Dragons and big pythons here! Helen looked a bit scared at times but it was all good fun. The zoo over looks Sydney Harbour and the bridge so whenever you got bored over the animals you could always gaze upon the Sydney skyscape.

Great stuff guys!

Lots of love, from Gareth and Helen x x x

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