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Earlier in the day we walked from Coogie to Bondi beach! It's...

Helen and her dad power up the hill!

Helen at Bondi Beach

Big Accomadation - our next hostel!

Opera House / Bar - pre Opera

The bridge at Sunset

Helen's Dad - Pre Opera!

The Opera House - the setting for tonight's show

Sunset in Sydney

Helen at the Opera during the interval

Helen and parents at the opera!

Various posh types...

Gareth and Helen at Bizet's Carmen - Sydney Opera House

Gareth and Andrew let their hair down at Pontoon bar - Darling...

Gareth and Helen at Pontoon Bar!

Gareth with Helen's Dad

I... think we've had enough tonight young man. ;-)

Well hello there!

Greeting from a very sunny and cultural Sydney! Believe it or not, tonight Helen and Gareth went to the Opera! Accompanied with Helen's parents, we went down to the Sydney Opera House to watch Bizet's Carmen. I have to say, we were all a bit apprehensive about the whole thing! We had no idea what to expect!

It turned out to be fantastic! We all had a great time and Carmen was great. All the singing was all in French, the Opera House very kindly put subtitles above the stage, so that us non french speaking folk could also really enjoy the show! I guess it was one of those chance of a lifetime moments again, we all dressed in our finest wear and headed down to Circular Quay, where we had dinner at the City Extra restaurant, followed by heading down to the opera at the Opera House. Inside the Opera House it was very smart, with all the panache that you would expect of such an occasion.

As it was a Friday night the place was packed and there was lots of cheering and fusss everytime one of the songs came to an end. Lots of the songs are well known and you would recognise them from Last night at the Proms, so we didn't feel completely un-cultural!

So there! We're all cultured up!


After the Opera we did what everybody else does, and headed down to the Opera Bar for another cheeky beverage! It was great - that place has the best view in the world!

After the Opera Bar we quickly headed over to Darling Harbour (Pontoon Bar!) to meet up with Andrew (Manpower) who had some of his own good news!

Have fun guys,

Enjoy the pics!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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