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Day 37 - Scheveningen and the North Sea

Well after travelling for well over a month, we have come from the Sea of Japan to the North Sea :) It was good to put our feet in salt water again!!

The weather cleared once we left Madurodam, and although it was still cool, we had wonderful weather. It was just warm enough to swim, but the WIND was so wicked that the water was far too turbulent for swimming. There were however, many people out with surfboards etc.

It was good to walk along this famous beach, in the water, and walk out along the pier too. The wind was incredible though ... it was like a wind tunnel up on the pier :) Very fun.

Walking on the beach was refreshing, but if you walked one way you got sand in your eyes and if you went the other the backs of your legs got SAND BLASTED. Sincerely. Sand blasted. It was crazy ... we could have rolled our pant legs down, but that wouldn't have been any fun for walking in the water after being land locked so long!!

Above the beach we enjoyed fish dinners at Cafe Restaurant Columbus just down from the landmark architectural feature, the VERY posh and very cool-looking Kurhaus hotel. It was a really tasty meal and we complemented it with some classic Dutch dishes - Mosterd Soup and Bitterballen. After dinner we really had to head back to our hostel ... tomorrow morning we were to be back at the train station for our 07:00 train to Paris!

The bike-ride back was rather uneventful, and the city-scape rather ordinary and modern looking for the most part. Riding back in the absence of rain was a real treat though! We dropped our bikes off at the train station once again, and walked the short distance back to our hostel for the night.

We returned to a fairly empty hostel, and even the bar was empty. The internet service was down, so Caleb walked around the corner to a local bar/internet cafe to check email and update our trip journal. While we found the hostel to be nice and in an excellent location with nice canal views, we spent virtually no time in it or in the surrounding area. Can't say much about the breakfast, because were having to leave before it was served!

It is amazing to both of us that there are only three days left. At this point, we are both rather looking forward to sleeping in our own bed ... but for now we are pretty pumped that we are Paris-bound tomorrow! Our train will pick us up and whisk us away to France [via Brussels] in about 3 1/2 hours, giving us most of the day tomorrow in Paris!!!

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