Ry & J's South Pacific Tour '05 travel blog

On the way to Dingo

Cattle Station Yard

Outback Sunset

J & sunset at cattle station

Paddocks at station at the end of wet season

Small double decker cattle rack

Well, the closest we will get to the outback was the Namoi Hills Cattle Station near Dingo. It was a stop on the bus we are taking and turned out to be pretty neat. Upon arrival we all had a go at cracking a whip similar to a black snake, but with a longer handle. Did a quick boomerang lesson and had a chance to play a didgeredoo. Ry and I both got shat on by some birds while having billy tea and some sort of heavy cake, an outback cowboy afternoon tradition. We were given a nice tour of the property in the back of a cattle rack. This smaller ranch covers 42,000 acres and runs about 2000 head of Brahman cattle. Most paddocks (pastures) are around 6,000 acres and with the aid of a helicopter they can round up all the cattle in one days time. Give them a rest overnight and work them the next day. They earnotch for quick recognition from neighbors cattle and below the claim brand they add a number for birth year. Most cows go to market after about 8 years. Rich, our tour guide, had recently worked on a 3.5 million acre ranch further inland. Their back gate was 620 miles from the ranch. It took him 6 hours each way to fly and check that the gate was closed and locked every six weeks. On that ranch they had 2 pilots and 4 aboriginal hands to do all the work. Very dry and dusty. Just at the end of the wet season now so there is good grass and cover, but by November, it is absolutely bare.

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