Ry & J's South Pacific Tour '05 travel blog

"Leggy" - Shane the Skipper

Rob - First Mate

The Otella - anchored at Whitehaven

Anchored Sailboats in the Whitsunday Islands

World famous Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Sailing the Whitsunday islands was incredible. We were in a group of twelve on a 59 foot vessel called the Otella. It still holds the record for the fastest trip around Australia. The keel has 8.5 tons of lead to counter the up to 15 tons of force against the sail in winds up to 30 knots. Our first day saw 18 knot winds so we clipped along heading out from Airlie Beach. Ry & I pulled up both the mainsail and frontsail for the first sailing. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know most of the people in our group and the skipper was awesome. We were all barefoot for 3 days as they don't like shoes on sailboats. The sleeping below decks was likely warm, but we ended up sleeping on the deck both nights. Ry slept up in the mainsail the second night. We snorkeled in 3 different locations and saw a good bit of the islands. Got together with almost everyone the evening we returned at the hostel we stayed at and had a good visit. The trip was fantastic. The water was amazingly warm and the color is really something that you have to see to understand. Whitehaven beach was great, but we had decent cloud cover so the color was off. Under good sun the sands are near white.

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