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On the boat to Laboe

My cousin Sofian

A small part of my aunt's gorgeous garden.

Sign found above a toilet at a unisex bathroom in Germany. Look...

How are you??? Please take a moment and drop me a short note - fill me in on what you're up to wherever you may be. I'm traveling alone now (though I'm rarely actually alone!) and would love to hear from you!

As for me, I'm now in Germany, for the second time. The first time I came, for my grandmother's funeral a couple of weeks ago, it felt almost surreal. The quickness of the trip, as well as the contrast between the French countryside and the German coast, threw me for a bit of a loop.

But this time it feels very comfortable. My German is serving me very well, and I feel entirely comfortable here. I know it's a stereotype but things in Germany really do work well. Trains are on time, everything is orderly and people all speak English (though I don't usually need them to.) I have a rental car and I'm criss-crossing the region (thank God for my GPS navigation device), getting together with as many people as I can. It seems a bit contrived - to have coffee again and again with so different relatives in such a short time- but it's efficient and it's working out really well. People so far seem to have appreciated my efforts to keep in contact. I have wonderful friends and family here. I'm so busy schmoozing that I hardly have any time to sit and write, but I'll try to take more time in Berlin.

I have decided not to go to Prague, as I hinted a few entries ago. The cost and the effort involved just don't seem worth it at this stage in this rather long trip. I'll be happy to spend the extra days in Berlin, continuing my quest to meet more relatives and getting to know that great city. I also have to start thinking about going back to work...

More soon. Be well.

- Eric

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