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Ha aha ha ha ha!

No I don't! It's a big, noisy, dirty city.

But it's where most of my family lives, so until the Navy gets Tom's paperwork together, this is where we'll be.

At least we're not too far from the beach.

But I'm anxious to hit the road and start the real adventure!

The longer we stay, the more hurried we'll be. Tom is anxious to see Joni and Ethan. I don't blame him.

I'm anxious to see them- and Julie's family as well. Brianne and Preston will probably be gone by the time I get there, and that will be a big disappointment!

Maybe the weather will be a little cooler when we get back there... (trying to look on the bright side!)

I have a trip to Nevada planned the end of September. It would be nice to get home and rest up before I head out on another road trip! (and I will need some rest before the Nevada trip!)

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