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We weren't sure what to expect from Fiji, but as we walked through the airport seeing the big smiles from the locals and hearing their lovely welcome 'Bula', we couldn't help but think 'we're going to enjoy this!'. Fiji's not cheap(!), so we were lucky to be able to couch surf for half of our time here: our couch surfing host sent a driver to pick us up (we'd never been met at the airport by a driver with our names on a card before!). Finau, our host, lives in Viseisei village (where the first Fijians arrived), and gave us a fantastic welcome - her brother-in-law gave us a tour of the village, she cooked us dinner, introduced us to Kava, and made us laugh most of the night! Kava is a traditional local drink that makes your tongue go numb - it's drunk particularly at celebration times, and that means most nights at Fi's! It has the opposite effect to alcohol - everyone gradually gets quieter and sleepier, and it's very sociable: their neighbour came knocking at 1am to join in!

Api, Fi's husband, plays in a band in a five star resort, Sonaisali Island Resort, so we took the opportunity to join him on the second night with two other couch surfers (Martin & Lena) to hear his band play. The resort was lovely (and very posh), and we loved listening to the band play (Martin especially - he joined in!) - they were really talented & Api's impersonation of Louis Armstrong was amazing! The band members secretly brought us some food, as none of us could afford anything in the hotel. We had a great night and even danced a bit!

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