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good grief

On the agenda today was to take the scenic 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach and to go see the former abode of William Randolph Hearst. As usual, the morning and early afternoon was cloudy and cold. I drove through Big Sur and was not terribly impressed. I have never been here before, so I'm not sure what was damaged by fire, but I didn't see anything charred. I don't know...it seems like the least pretty part of the coast, which is odd.

Skip Pebble Beach. Unless you are a golf freak. It was a complete waste of time. Of course, the miserable weather probably contributed to my lack of enthusiasm. Any neighborhood that charges you $10 just to drive around is lame. There is nothing to see. Honestly, I was sort of astounded at how much nothing there was to see. Once you get to the coastal part, it's pretty, but nothing you couldn't see anywhere else. But, seriously, the real reason I am so irritated with this place is because I spent so much time here driving around that I missed the last tour at the Hearst Castle, which I was very excited about seeing.

I was dejected when I missed the tour, but determined to not leave there without some pictures. So, I very stealthily strolled around the bookstore and got some semi decent shots. I felt like I was there in person and I know you will too!

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