Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Beachcomber Island.

The Bar on Beachcomber.

Just about to take the photo and a damn tractor drove past,...

The Dorm on Beachcomber.

GOD KNOWS what animal this was but it was funny anyway!

Polynesian Line Dancing

Polynesian Dancers.

Well, this was my opportunity to chill - albeit only for 2 days!

Didn't do too badly, did some snorklin, got chased by a big bast*rd trigger fish and tried my best to get myself some colour.

First day there I had a stroll down to the beach and was about to choose my spot and CLUBBED my foot against a piece of coral so hard my middle toe doubled in size and turned black! Tried my best to pretend nothin had happened but when you're on a beach where you're the only one stood up and the beach is relatively small - you're gonna get spotted hopping like a gimp! Anyway, spent the rest of the day limping =(

Anyway, the evening was cool, played drinking games with a group who'd just started their trip so I was running through EVERYWHERE I'd been and what I'd done etc and it was like a final re-cap of the trip and was a good way of ending the journey. Did some polynesian line dancing which is hilarious when you're drunk and people are falling over!

By the next day the toe hadn't really changed, still felt like it was clamped in a vice.

Got on the boat to leave and took a photo of Beachcomber as we sailed away, that was the point I knew my trip was over and there was nothing else to do except get ready to go home. =((

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