Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

The most overloaded boat ever, there were about 10 people that had...

Nananu Beach.

SOOooo hot - dont look it but it'd take yer skin off!


Master of camouflage!! Check out the WHITE boardies!

Kava Session..BLuuuuuhh!

Rast, Nananu was luuuuuuurvly! It reminded me of Never land where Peter pan had the food fight etc. Had a little pool with baby tutles which I went a bit 'Ape' about to start with but then asked and it was part of a regulated scheme wth proper scientists monitoring it etc.

Had a MAJOR 'Kava' session, had TWELVE bowls of it! UGH! Face went numb and I felt drunk and sick - slept soooo well though! Was supposed to get up ready for the sunrise at a look out that the guide had recommeded - well, that came and went and I had no idea. I was in the land of nod!

Did a couple of scuba dives and it was the BEST diving I've done for coral gardens, looked just like the reefs in Finding Nemo! The sun penetrated the water so easily and the reef had steep drop offs and the majority of the coral was nearer the top. Had a Ramora fish STICK itself to my leg! (A remora is one of those long fish you see swimming with massive fish like sharks etc)

Anyway, had a really good couple of dives and did really well with my air - 56 minutes on the second dive which I was chuffed about.

If I was going to go back I'd definately go here, if nothing else but to dive and sunbathe!

Day after we went to the Savetu Hot pools and DAMN they were hot. Got absolutely covered in mud but you have to climb down into it first. You climb down the ladder and into the water, which is well hot, but then you have to get through the 10 inches of hot, mouldy leaves URRRGH! Felt rank! Then you get into the mud and at the bottom of that you get to the hot rocks that are WELL hot. We were all wondering if someone was going to find a dead animal with their feet or something! URRGH, horrible thought!

Anyway, got out and washed off in an EVEN HOTTER pool, got out of that one and everyone felt soooo spaced out, like we'd all stood up to quick getting out of a hot bath!

Anyway, couldn't work out if it was a nice experience or not but we finished off the trip by munchin on raw sugar cane! MmmM!


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