Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Man, it was soo hot - sweat was pouring off our faces...

As we were getting into the thick of it the breeze dissapeared,...

Thankfully they'd erected good modern bridges, safety first! =/

Whadyu reckon, huh? huh? ;o)

12.99 at Homebase! =)

MMMMMMMMM! It was dead and STANK! URGH!

Walkin down a muddy stream, lurrrvly and refreshing


Sum seneri..


A pwetty leef!

Da wivva..

Da peeple in da toobs in da wivva.

MAN - this walk was SOOOOOOO hot UGH!

Normally you get a lift into the jungle in a big truck but apparantly the truck had broken down so we had to walk it instead. SO, the first hour was spent walking up a track to the point where we were supposed to start!

Anyway, the guide started showing us loads of things like weird plants and their medicinal use etc. Surprising how many things there were that you can actually use and not just stick in a pot!

Near the end of the trek we ended up walking through a stream which was luuurrrvly! A bloke found the biggest dead millipede ever and lifted it up and dangled it over his mouth as if to eat it but as he did the sections all started to come apart cos it was a heavy thing and it STANK like a dead sheep! UGH! (Not that I've smelt a dead sheep!)

The guide kept finding amusement in shouting 'Tosser' all the time cos apparantly 'Tosso' is 'Move' in fijian. =/

We ended the trek with a drift down the river in some rubber rings which was really nice, gave us a chance to cool down. Then they took us to a water fall with a big lunge pool - there's a concrete 'diving platform' which I was flingin myself off - well cool!

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