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I Think Someone's Behind Me !

I Think Sarah's Getting Used to the 'Root' of the Problem Now...

A Weee Stream To Follow !

It's Not Me & He Didn't Jump !

The View at the Highest Point !

We finally arrived in Suva on the East side of Viti Levu after a 3.5 hour hot and sweaty 'local' bus journey.....quite impressively though it had a tv and dvd on the go the whole's just annoying that we didn't get to see the end of a film we had watched for the last hour or so !

Suva bus station was like chaos so we gave up looking for a bus and got a taxi to the Rainforest Lodge, our accomodation for two nights. We were as it says, in a Rainforest - with a rainforest you get bugs, with a few being hidden craftily in our bed - Sarah kindly offered her body up in a sacrifical way and took every bite ! Paul got away nice and clean...

Food was great, although the waitress wasn't the best (did seem a bit happier the second night). Got up when we woke up and trekked through the rain forest for almost 3 hours which was fantastic - great scenary, waterfalls, loads of green plant like thingies !

Chilling out was then called for before heading to the bus this time ! Shopping was the challenge and shop we did ! Clothes here are so cheap compared to the UK, we just couldn't resist buying some shorts (Sarah) and top (Paul) - all for 35 pounds in total - for proper branded kit !!! The bus station defeated us again and we wimped out and got a cab back.

The evening meal was interesting....Paul had banana wrapped in chicken and then deep fried, it was great ! Next morning we upped and left for the Safari Club - we had to get up at 05:15 to catch the early bus though to get us to Pacific Harbour in time for our Jewel of Fiji tour !

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