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Iquique residents.

Iquique Cathedral.

Arturo Prat, know to his mates as Arfa Prat?

What a kin journey that was, I think I have a telepathic ability to make any transport I take breakdown. 20 hour bus-ride (with frequent engine tampering) from Lima to Tacna, and hour taxi ride across the border where I thought I was going to be arrested. Something came up on the computer when they put my details in, first I was questioned in Spanish by the guy at the window, I didn't have a clue what he was saying but new something was wrong, then I ws invited into the office and spoke to his supervisor (in Spanish still no idea) then finally I got to see the Head-Honcho in the main offices, shades, tash, the works, who (still in Spanish) asked if I worked in Santiago (with my Spanish!!!!) and showed me the computer screen (that's why he got the job obviously). It wasn't even my name they were looking at, they had mis-spelled my first name as my surname and they were looking for Someone "Sears". All happy again I got my stamp and entry into Chile. If anyone is counting that's 80 stamps in this passport, no wonder I always get treated with suspicion now. So back to civilisation and nice busses, except for the one I took from Arica to here which broke down roughly every hour and needed to be topped up with water, although it was a serious desert we we driving through. All this becasue I want to get to Salyar de Uyuni and am trying to avoid going through Bolivia where the politics have gone off again and La Paz is blockaded.

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