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While I was dumping Da Honu's tanks this morning Elena noticed that...

Grand Teton

Gros Ventre River above Kelly, WY


All the rocks and bolders in the foreground were up on the...

Flowers along the trail.


Looking east from the dam at Slide Lake.

Buffalo berries (aka bear food!).


Bald eagle we enjoyed watching while stopped for lunch today.

Our lunch view of Slide Lake.

Slide Lake as seen from our dining room window in our campsite.

Our campsite at Atherton Creek Campground.

(Ron Writing) We left Gros Ventre Campground this morning and continued driving northeast on Gros Ventre Rd. After a short distance we passed through the small town of Kelly where the road turns north for a mile and then turns west and follows the Gros Ventre River up into the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

We stopped a couple places along the way to enjoy the views of the river and the canyon. A few miles into the national forest we stopped to take a short hike in the area where a massive landslide occurred in 1925. Witnesses said the earth movement lasted for about 2 minutes as rock, dirt, and trees came down the south side of the canyon and “sloshed” up the north side of the canyon. It created a dam which blocked the Gros Ventre River and created Slide Lake. About two years later a portion of the dam gave-way flooding many ranches and wiping out the town of Kelly.

We found a nice overlook on the south side of the lake where we enjoyed the view while we had our lunch. We watched a bald eagle flying over the lake hunting for a fish dinner. After lunch we continued to the Atherton Creek Campground on the east side of the lake. There were only a few campers here and we found a very nice spot to spend the rest of the day and night.

We use Google maps and satellite images almost every day while traveling. If you’d like to see where we are camped tonight you can go to Google Maps and copy/paste the following GPS coordinates into the search box (43.637469, -110.524229). Then you can click on the “Satellite” tab and zoom in very close – you can even see our exact campsite right by the “pin” on the map.

It was so pleasant here today. We spent most of the afternoon relaxing in our campsite and doing some reading and a few odd jobs.

We are really starting to like camping in the National Forests. Tonight's site is only $12 (no hookups) compared to last night's fee of $18 in the national park for a site not nearly as nice as this one.

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