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We stayed in a really nice suite in San Diego for the...

Everyone is into playing ping pong

Having BBQ and chatting as a family

As a tradition passed down from grandpa, we excercised in the morning

For group outing, we went to the beach in Carlsbad

Playing on the Carlsbad beach

Joyce and her father displayed their famous Su hooked nose

Jon's father and his uncle look alike, no?

Group picture of the Su family (minus 3 families)

In the afternoon, we went to the nearby La Jolla Cove, a...

at one cove, the wave splashes high above the breaker

At the cove, one can swim next to the 20+ seals that...

Walking along the shore, one comes upon another cove great for kayaking...

Jon & the children snorkled together seeing many large and bright orange...

At night, Willis & Joc shared about their life in Kygrystan

The highlight of the reunion is the sharing among the cousins about...

One cousin even joined the sharing through skype in another country!

On Sunday, we worshiped together as a Su clan

We ended praying about how we can write God pleasing history as...

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At the reunion we read old newsletters that we wrote 18 years...

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Our Su tradition is having excercise every morning

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Auntie Susan led us excercising the modern version

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The La Jolla Cove in San Diego has seals that one can...

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We had fun trying to take pictures close to the seals


A tradition we had for the past 20 years was having Su Clan reunion every 2-3 years since Jon's grandparents had 8 children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The last one we had was 4 years ago however. This time, the reunion was very different because it is the first one without the attendence of Jon's grandparents as both passed away last year.

This time we have 27 people (missing 3 families) all gathered in San Diego, near Carlsbad, in a Hamilton Homewood Suite, which was very nice. Each suite has a living room, kitchen, two queen size beds, and two LCD TVs. It was US$200 per night.


Grandpa used to wake his children early in the morning for excercise at the park. We carried this tradition to every reunion, and this one was without exception. Before, grandpa would lead it. This time it was only Auntie Susan. Although she is over 50 but she still moves better than all us in our 20's and 30's. Her excercise is fun and we all enjoyed it. There was even prizes given out.


On the second day, we went to farmer's market and the beach at Carlsbad for half day. the 2nd half, we went south to La Jolla Cove. This must be one of the best kept secret as this was the first time I have been here.

At one of the cove, there is a wave breaker where strong waves crashes into it, splashing the water sevearl stories high. Next to the breaker often rests 20+ seals on the beach. When we were there, there was too many people on the beach so we didn't get to see them laying on the beach, but we got really close to them and they swam among the snorklers there. This is probably as close as we got to feeling like being on Ecuador's Galapogos Island where animals are fearless.

At the other end, there is a calm place for snorkling and kayaking. There must have been 30+ kayaks and 40+ people snorkling there. Jon and the children, together with his cousins and uncle, went into the cool water. The water was surprising clear, where one can see hairlike sea weeds deep below. There were many fish, fairly large sizes as well. Some had bright florescent orange color. At one point, Jon must had 50+ fish all around him.


A highlight of the reunion is when the 2nd generation (old folks) and the 3rd generation (adults - that's us) break up to share among each other. We tried to catch up on the last 4 years since we last met. It was also a good time of praying and caring. One cousin who was out of the country even joined through skype video, which was very special.

Jon also brought out the old prayer newsletters that Jon had compiled 18 years ago with prayer requests and updates from all the cousins. It was a riot reading our own prayer requests, many we don't remember anymore.

Wills and Joc also shared about their life in Kygyrstan and Jon led a South America Trivia game with lots of fun pictures.


On Sunday morning, we had Sunday worship together. With 3 pastors in the room we had no problem finding people for each role. Lowell led the worship and uncle Andrew gave the sermon related with how Grandma, a women, who beacause of her deep committment to the Lord wrote a God-pleasing history for an entire clan. It was a very touching sermon, close to our hearts and stirs us to greater committment to God. A great ending to a great reunion and a tribute to our loving grandparents.

We plan to meet 2 years from now again.

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