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There are many thrilling water slides at Raging Waters

It was a great way to celebrate Jon's B-day

Even Jon's father, who is 67 years went down a fast ride...

Jon's highlight was going on this simulation surfing ride

Olivia & Nathan also bravely tried it

When one falls, it can be a rough tumble

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There is a river ride at Raging Waters where one leisurely floats...

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Jon really enjoyed the surfing ride, especially now that he had learned...

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Olivia also took the plunge

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Nathan also wanted to try

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This is what an excellent surfer look like on this ride


This week was reserved as our small Su Family reunion and for the first day we decided to have fun in a waterpark called Raging Waters ( It also happened to be my birthday.

Raging Waters have about 16 different water slides and rides for all ages. Some are for little kids, some are for thrill seekers like us. One ride called "Drop Out" is near vertical from 5 floors up. When Jon went on it, he felt close to the same sensation as bungee jumping!

Even Jon's father, who is 67 years old, went on a few thrilling rides. The children really had lots of fun and wanted to stay for the entire 9 hours that the park is opened. Some of our favorites were the Dragon's Den, the Amazon River, and Burmuda triangle.

Jon's favorite ride was the Surfing simulator. After learning surfing in Peru, he was keen to do more surfing practice. At first, it was intimidating with white water all around. After some moments of adjusting, Jon began to knell on the board and tried turning left and right. Of course he wiped out many times, but that was part of the fun. Olivia and Nathan also wanted to try and they enjoyed thoroughly. (see videos)

It was a fun day and highly recommended for family of all ages.


1) Although Knott's also has a waterpark at a cheaper price, we felt that Raging Waters have more rides. It was USD30/adult if purchase online. It was USD 20 for children and USD 23 for seniors over 55 or "better".

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