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Hello all,

We have left Singapore and are now in Malaysia. Our first stop was in the town/city of Melaka which is on the west coast about 2 hours south of Kuala Lumpur. We left Singapore having had a great time and some happy memories. It has to be the cleanest, most efficiently run place on the planet. That does come with issues in that if you do the slightest thing wrong then there will be some kind of fine. For example if you eat on the underground then that will be a $500 (just under 200 quid) fine. Slightly harsh!!

We did the trip up from Singapore on one of the fast buses which took about 4 hours to get to Melaka. There was some comedy getting on/off the bus as we got to the border going from S'pore to Malaysia as they have to stamp you out and then in etc.

We arrived in Melaka and caught the local bus into the town from the main bus treminal. As we were on the bus we (sarah) were accosted by 4 local teenagers who 'pounced' on us asking us what we thought of globalisation in our country......They started to take notes and then eventually started to film us as we gave our answers to their questions which was for there college course. Very strange.

When we got to Melaka we stepped off the bus and we could have been in Portugal. The town has a really big colonial area with some great old buildings with lots of history. We managed to find a hostel in a noisy part of town called 'Shira's' which was cheap and clean. They also had the latest edition of the Lonley Planet's South East Asia guide book in their library which is like gold dust in that it has only just come out and ours is already 3 years old . The new edition seems to have rather mysteriously found its way into one of our bags. Very unfortunate.

Having not done any washing for ages due to it being too expensive in S'pore (yes we are starting to smell) we tried to find a place in town which could wash all our clothes. After a morning of searching we found a place on what was one of the main streets in town. When we went to pick up our washing the next day they were still drying it in the road. Our tops and pants were drapped over bushes and telephone lines!!!!Nice.

We spent four days in total in Melaka seeing the sights and walking around shopping malls looking at things which we could not afford. The shopping malls here are just massive and if you go in the week days they are virtually empty. The weekend is a whole different story when the world and his wife decends on them and you can hardly move for people. We also went to see the new Batman movie which was pretty good but as always ruined by the locals who had to have phone conversations mid-film.

After Melaka we continued up the west coast to KL which is where I'm writing from now. For the first part of the stay here, we stayed in the middle of Chinatown which is absolute bedlum. We have both never seen so much fake clothing, bags, shoes, DVDS. I'm sure the roasted chestnuts that they were selling at little stalls were fake!! We stayed right in the middle of all this chaos in a clean hotel. It was a peaceful place until the 30 kids from a school trip in England moved in. On the last night the screeching and shouting became too much at midnight so I decided to ask them to keep the noise down. I would have set Sarah on them but she was tucked up in bed!! As walked out of the door I was confronted by drunk teenage 15 year olds sprawled out on the floor (just like been back at work!). After they ignored my first plea for a bit of quiet I went down and found their teachers who shouted at them and they all disappeared into their rooms. Result. Sarah now calls me "Dobber Chris".

We have now left behind the carange of Chinatown and have booked into the Xmas present that Sarahs brother Ben and fiance Janice bought us which was two nights in Le Meridien hotel. This hotel is just awrsome. It looks over pretty much the whole of KL and we are on the 25 floor so the view is breathtaking. There was a bottle of Bubbly waiting for us as we got to the room. Bubbles have never tasted so good! So at the moment we are enjoying the fact that hotel staff are being really nice to us, people are opening doors for us, comfy bed, lots of free stuff such as drinks and toiletries and peace and quiet. We are considering squatters rights and or changing the locks on our room so they can't get us out!

Thank you Ben and Janice!!!

Hope all well at home, will update again soon

Sarah and Chris

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