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Parque Nacional Torres del Paine - considered one of the best in...

Very, very narrow bridge for the bus to take us to the...

At the start of our trek up the Rio Ascencio valley

One hour in, the Red Baron considers paragliding to the Mirador

The Rio Ascencio - the small hut in the distance is the...

Ring-ness ? More Middle-Earth than Middle-Earth

Time for a ponder-stop

Frozen waterfall

The path rose steadily up and up...

... until we passed the snow-line

The last hour was a screwball scramble over rocks, snow and ice

Mirador Las Torres

One of the seven people we met today kindly took this photo...

A busy day for meeting people, other days we only met 2...

Big moon, pink sky

The Red Baron lives out his cowboy fantasies

Walking-madness is a contagious disease

Torres del Paine means the "Towers of Pain" and we were going to put this name to the test by doing a 5 day hike through it. We were planning to use two different refugios or hostals at the bottom of the "W" as bases.

It is called the "W" as the trek makes a "W" around the major peaks. "W" also stands for walk and widget. The first day would take us from Refugio Las Torres to the Mirador Las Torres (viewpoint of the towers). This section forms the right hand arm of the "W". The time on the map was 4 hours / 9.5 km each way. We started off at 11 a.m. armed with water, chocolate and torches as it would probably be dark when we got back.

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