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South Sea Island

Lukas, me and Claire

Me, Fireman Sam and Rich

South Sea Island

Well the final island was the smallest. South Sea island is basically just a beach in the middle of the South Pacific. It is tiny. You can walk all the way around it in ten minutes. It was a nice way to end the trip, even though the manager was very scary and kept on shouting at us for talking over her. (She decided that if she talked over you then you were talking over her meaning you had to try and guess when she was about to talk to avoid a ticking off.)

We had a fun last night with a final drinking session for the trip. During which I decided that my Mohawk looks stupid – but I probably won’t be able to shave it off until I get back to New Zealand. Don’t ask me why it took so long to reach such an obvious conclusion, I think I’ve just been sitting in the sun for too long!

The next day and we yet again had another lazy day spent in a coma on the beach, which is actually more tiring than you might think.

Now I’m back in Nadi awaiting the arrival of Jo and Dan, who I met on Vorovoro who’ll be coming off the island today, for a bit of a tribewanted reunion. Then it’s back to New Zealand on Saturday and meeting the folks on Sunday. It’s strange to think that my next few entries are going to include my parents!

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