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Jana, Anna, Matt and Fireman Sam (aka Neil)

Me, Ros, Jason and Jasmine

Jana, Anna, Rich and Claire sunbathing on the beach

No prizes for guessing Fireman Sam's nationality.

View from the beach

View of the beach

...looking good...

Sunset on the boat

Kuata was probably my favourite place to stay in the Yasawas so far. The facilities weren’t the best but what really made it was the fact that the resort was run by a local village on the island, which actually reminded me quite a lot of Vorovoro. I keep on comparing every place I visit here to it, and of course it doesn’t match up – which doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my experience at all.

I got stuck in straight away in getting to know the locals through a game of touch rugby. I was, of course, dismal, and I think more of a hindrance to my team than anything else, but it was still loads of fun.

I spent my time here literally on the beach. Its been so hot while I’ve been here, but fortunately quite windy as well making it quite bearable. Your lying on the beach reading a good book with crystal blue water lapping at your toes and, well, you realise that life could be worse. Bliss.

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