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Helen (looking thrilled) holds up the Union flag on the circuit after...

Gareth and Helen on the race track...

After the race everybody piles onto the track...

Helen with a big smile as we head for the pit lane...

Helen's Mum at the Grand Prix

Nice car mate - another one of those boy racers!

This one is for Gareth's Mum!!!!

Helen with her parents on turn 10!

Gareth in the gravel pit!

Gareth touches "Schumacher's Gravel"

Gareth hits the tirewall after skidding on the course.

Pit lane!

Gareth and Helen on the finishing straight!

Helen's parents on the finish line!

Gareth and Helen in UK-a-rama!

Buttons eye view

Check out all the fans trying to get to their heroes, hehe...

The grandstand!

Gareth's car goes in for an MOT

Approaching the traffic lights! But where's the free beverage?

By the time we had trecked to the podium the bloody presentation...

Helen at the finish line. Brrrooom Broom!

What a great day! Hope you enjoyed the photos! Now the long...

As soon as the race finished, everone jumped onto the track! It was a bit chaotic at first, but after a bit everyone was heading down to the start-line. On the track there were loads of photo opportunities, like next to the pit lanes and on the start line. It was great to walk down the final straight and take in the atmosphere. On the race track there were tire marks and whole lumps of tire, where cars had skidded. We also got to see the racing cars themselves and touch them. They are made of a plastic material and are very flimsy! Wouldn't like to be in a crash in one of those!

After that we bought some cheesy souvineers and got in the huge tram queue to go back to the city!

Once back at the hostel we were shattered, but Gareth said that I had something else in store - one final suprise!

Gareth and Mum and Dad took me to a great Indian restaurant in "NewQuay" ;-)! The food was great! My parents can't believe that I now eat so much curry and pizza! It's great stuff! We had a wonderful evening and were truly stuffed by the time we got back to the hostel.

So what a great weekend and a wicked birthday! I'm so lucky to have so many great surprises. I have enjoyed my birthday.

Thanks to everyone who helped Gareth arrange it all and a massive thank you to Gareth who has taken months to organise it all, I've had a wonderful time, Thank you baby!! I really appreciate it. ;-)

What do you all think? Let us know...

Caio for now


Love Helen (and Gareth) x x x

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