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Here we go!

It's very hard to take photos because they go so quickly!

An F1 car boosts past...

F1 cars zip by...

Giancarlo Fisichella goes for the top spot!

Michael had a bad day... which was nice.

I took this picture about 100 times until I actually managed to...

Mark Webber (The Aussie!) shoots past!

Live on TV baby!

The amount of geeks with F1 t-shirts and caps was very disturbing...

Me again...

I have to admit that it's not something I would have thought of doing, but this place was great fun! Fosters sponsored the event, so as you can imagine the beer was flowing everywhere. We found a really good vantage point at the opposite end of the track to the start-line. As it was just near a chicane we could see them hitting the brakes and powering around the corner!

The first lap the cars went around was amazing. 19 of the things went past us in about 10 seconds. They go a lot faster than it looks on TV - you can barely turn your head in time to see them going past and as for taking photos - that was nearly impossible! Even though we were wearing earplugs it was very noisy! Also we couldn't hear what each other was saying.

As for the race, I can report that I learned of drivers called Schumacher (red car), Button (blue car) and I think the winner was called Fissicella and he was in a yellow and blue car! The names of the cars were Toyota, Ferrari, Williams BMW, Red Bull and McLaren.

To be fair, before the race I didn't know any of these names so I think I did well!

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