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In the queue at the entrance - Helen gets her identity sorted!

Helen's parents hold the union flag high! Come on Button and Coulthard!!

This was our little spot!

Helen, her Mum and Gareth! Come on Aussie GP 2005!!

Helen - trackside!

The Australian version of the red arrows fly past!

All very nice and all that...

Helen and her Dad grab some 'down-time' whilst waiting for the race!

The drivers do a lap of honour... Coulthard!!?

Gareth next to the Williams BMW F1 car. His Fiat Punto could...

Gareth with the Farrari (eviiil!) car. Looks a bit flimsy to me!!

Helen gets in on the act - She said she like the...

Basically, when the driver is bored, he can play with this 'built...

Helen poses next to another F1 car. "I want one!", she mumbles.

Children: Don't take steroids.

Australia shows of its *full might. People realise that Australia is not...

Fosters + GP. Awww Yeeeah!

Helen's Mum waits for the GP!

Helen's Dad - earplugs ready!

A Quantas jet goes past to signify 5 minutes to the start...


Helen again! It's my birthday! First thing in the morning I got up and my Parents and I opened all my cards and presents from everyone! Thanks guys! Mum and Dad got me tickets to see Destinys Child in Brisbane when we are there next month. I was so chuffed as I love Destinys Child and it was a great surprise! So I was pretty happy. Gareth also gave me my I-Pod shuffle too! 120 songs and a lot of attitude!

We got up early in the morning and got some breakfast, I still had no idea where we were going. After breakfast Gareth told me were were going to see the final of the Grand Prix!! It was a massive surprise and I was really looking forward to it. Its something different but exciting as I didnt really know what to expect.

We jumped on to a tram which was packed - although free!! It took us to Albert Park which is the racing track, made up of existing roads around the park. Before the race,there were aircraft displays, celebrity car racers and qualifying races. It was all very exciting. The noise of the engines was very very loud. It was great!!

Its not something that I would do normally, but I knew that this was once in a lifetime. I'm really pleased that I did this - it was a really good family day out!

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