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Hello everyone, guess who.

After Yogyakarta (see photos) we moved onto a place called Pangandarren which is billed as Javas only beach resort. We had to say goodbye to Jodi and Bryan affectionately known as the Canadians!! We had a great time traveling with them and it was a sad moment when we left! We have promised to go to Canada in about 10 years time when we can aford it as it sounds like a great place and they told us all about where to go. Im sure their trip was funded by the Canadian tourist board.

We arrived at Pangandarren after a 7 hour mini bus trip which was manic even by Indo standards (we only saw one motorbike crash!). The town was a small place that seemed to be full of Indonesians, usually 9 year olds riding around on Quad bikes at great speed. Its much fabled beach was quite simply rubbish, literally. We have never seen so much rubbish on a beach. In the four days we spent there we just chilled out for three days and on the other day we went to a place called the green canyon which pretty breathtaking. We hired a boat with two drivers who smelt horrendiously of BO and didn't say a word throughout the whole trip. The boat trip went up a scenic river and then onto a huge canyon which was very green funnily enough.

After Javas worst beach resort we headed for the final place in indo, Jakarta. We checked into the Ibis (luxury!) and hot water with satelite tv (not together). The small part of the city that we did see was just crazy. It makes London look like a village in the cotswolds. Smog, fumes, cockroaches, poo smells, bedlam and people. That pretty much sums it up!

On Sunday 13th we headed off for the airport in Jakarta and onto the chalk (Jakarta was the cheese) that is Singapore. The journey was to be to a small Indonesian island called pulau Batam by plane, and we were then going to take the ferry across to Singapore, a trip of about an hour. The journey was pretty eventful. If anyone has been to Jakarta airport they will know that it is just one big nightmare. Those who havent been to Jakarta airport don't bother as per last comment! For a start there was a queue about 200 meters long just to get into the check-in area. We used a careful blend of elbows and 'Sorry we don't speak Indonesian!' to push our way to the front. The facilities at the airport are none existent, which ment basic noodles for breakfast. Yum. Sarahs flipflop broke on the bus on the way out to the plane which left her with just one flop for the entire journey. Sarah also had the worlds scaryest bloke sat next to her on the plane. At one point he just grabbed her book to flick through it as she was reading it. Later on in the flight when Sarah was asleep he reached across to me and decided to show me a 'film' on his mobile. The 'film' was of dead bodies from some sort of crash. When i realised what it was i handed the phone back slightly taken aback. The chap just laughed and gave me the thumbs up. WEIRDO!

We finally got to Spore and have had three really good days. Our hotel is situated right in the center of the red light district. There are ladies of the night everywhere. Sarah has already been propositioned by a number of old blokes. On one occasion on the first day we went to one of the local food courts to get dinner. Sarah sat down and I went to order. An old chap then sat down with her at the table. It was at that moment that the penny dropped for S and she firmly told him to move on!!

Sarah has thought of a new game which is 'spot the Tom (slang for lady of the night)' Every time she sees one she shouts "TOM". Yesterday she saw one and then said "I think that I've just seen the first Tim!"


- Went on a good day out to where my Dad and his folks used to live in Changi. Also went to the Museum in Changi which was all about the Japanese in WW2. Very interesting but also very humbling.

- Bought a bottle of wine two days ago. Payed 8 quid which is a third of a days budget. was well worth it and made us very happy.

- Sarah has discovered that they sell fresh milk and museli here. In her words "I'm never taking cereal for granted again!"

- Off to Melaka in Malasia by train tomorrow. Singapore has been awesome but slightly on the expensive side.

Hope all well and the credit crunch isn't crunching too hard!

C & S

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