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Discovered this morning that I had buggered up my dates thinking I was scheduled to fly out to Brisbane today, but it was actually tomorrow. So I went to the airport this morning in the hopes of being able to bring my flight forward.

Got to the check-in counter and explained the situation to the attendant, and after some um'ing and ah'ing, he said I needed to go to the airline office which is over in Arrivals. That's cool. So, over I go and find that because it is Saturday, the offices are closed. Hmmm. Okay, back to check-in. This time I get a different attendant. So I explain the situation again and he says it's okay, but I have to go on stand-by. Sweet. I ask a couple of questions and he seems to get irritated and next thing I know, he's checked me in and sent me on my way. Cool!

So, back to Brissie I go.

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