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The beach at 'The Beachhouse'

Sunset at The Beachhouse

Yesterday I hopped off the Feejee Experience bus at a place called 'The Beachhouse' which is situated on the Coral Coast. Claire and Majella are staying here for the whole week so I stopped off on my way around Fiji. The hostel is in a perfect location right on the beach. It has a few downsides though - the main one being cold showers! Sometimes the water is warm but mostly it's not. There are also lots of ways for bugs to get in the bedrooms so I'm getting a lot of bites :)

It's been a very relaxing couple of days. There isn't much to do here besides laze around - most people have been sunbaking but I've managed to find a few nice shady spots to sit in while I'm reading. I've also had a lovely head, neck and shoulder massage - it was very cheap - only cost $7 and went for 20 minutes! It was very relaxing and I smelt really nice afterwards :)

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