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Punta Arenas has lots of fine statues

At 53 degrees south it is closer to the south pole than...

The port of Punta Arenas (jumping off point for Antarctic expeditions)

Explorer Sarah on the Magellan Straits (Tierra del Fuego in the distance)

Cementerio Municipal

Jose Menendez tomb (once owners of largest sheep-shearing operation in world)

Wealthy Croat tomb

If you have been following our travels in Australia and New Zealand you will not be suprised to learn that we had missed all the penguins. So, sorry no fluffy pictures. We were going to hop over to Tierra del Fuego but we found out the ferry we wanted to catch from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt was cancelled. We would have to go a week early if we wanted to get the ferry. This meant we had much less time in Patagonia than we would have liked and no time to visit the Moreno Glacier in Argentina either. We left shortly after visiting the cemetary by bus to Puerto Natales.

It may seem a bit morbid but the cemetary is one of the tourist attractions down here. Punta Arenas was a wealthy city in the past due to shipping (prior to the Panama Canal opening) and then vast sheep empires. Lots of immigrants came to the area (English, Irsh, Scots, Croats, French, Germans, Spaniards & Italians)to work. Modern day Punta Arenas is the second largest producer of methanol in the world. Luckily methanol doesn't smell.

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