Erica and Steven's Visit to Peru travel blog

Don´s kids Alyson, 3, and Mitchel, 5.

Don´s friends came to welcome us to Cali with a BBQ and...

Erica and Steven with Don´s kids and his girlfriend´s son, Devin.

Today we awoke to the pitter patter of little feet, Don's two kids Mitchell and Alyson, five and three years old. They are so much fun and are very well behaved! Steven and I had a great time playing with them. Later in the day we ran a few errands with Don and the kids. Don showed us all of the houses that were/are forclosed in his town. I guess this area is one of the hardest hit by the housing crisis. Houses are being resold down here for less than half of what they were worth just one year ago. We even saw a small development where the builders just stopped building the houses halfway through the project. It was all pretty sad. Don also showed us the highschool where he directs. It's a really nice facility. You can tell that he is proud of his kids and the music program.

This evening Don hosted a barbeque so that we could meet some of his local friends. We had lively conversations, drinks, and played a few games of Yahtzee. Steven was really happy to barbeque California style, that is carne asada and beer with limes.

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