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Erica and Steven with Jenny and her kids, Caleb and Jack in...

StevenĀ“s Brother Russell and Erica at RussellĀ“s Barn---My horse is Apple Tini!

Steven, Erica and Russell at his barn

Steven and his brother Russell at barn

Steven and his friend Don at the Fusion Bar...Don was in our...

This morning, after saying our goodbyes to Jenny, Jack, and Caleb, we drove to Russell's barn to see where he works and so that I could ride a horse. My horse was named Apple Tini, which is funny because one of Steven's favorte shows is Scrubs and the main character's favorite drink is apple tini. Apple Tini was fun to ride. Russell taught me how to post when the horse was trotting. It was much harder than it looks and I am actually sore! Steven took some great pictures, then we began our long drive to Riverside County to visit his friend Don and Don's two children.

During our drive to Don's house we saw an In and Out Burger, but we had already passed the exit. We took the next exit and promptly got lost. We ended up back on the freeway about three exits from where we started. This worked out really well as we actually found the In and Out Burger again and ate Steven's favorite lunch.

We drove for a few more hours and passed a town named Fontana. Steven told me that the locals call it Fontucky (think Kentucky), which for some reason cracked me up! We finally arrived at Don's house after getting lost again when we failed to "catch" the correct freeway where four of them merged together. I now understand why Californians say "catch" the freeway. There are so many freeways and they are so poorly marked that they are easy to miss!

This evening we went to dinner with Don to a fusion restaurant. We had amazing nachos that were nothing like regular nachos. They were made of fried wanton wrappers covered in chicken and sweet and sour sauce. Delicious!! I had some really great chardonnay that happened to be organic. Overall, it was a great dinner.

Don's girlfriend Karleen came over later in the evening to meet us and hang out during her break from work. Don showed me photos of Steven in college. He was so scrawny! I also read a letter that Steven mailed to Don while Steven was studying in Salzburg. Very interesting! We had a great night!!

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