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Day 39: Kampot is a small town, near the south coast of Cambodia. Really quite quiet, the hostels reflecting the outdoor feeling of hostels in australia. We stayed in Orchid Hotel, with our own air-con bungalow and a bar outside, it was lovely. The ghekkos here are everywhere, that night Tom counted 25 on the ceiling above us. Unfortunatley the mosquitos are everywhere too and rather a lot larger than their vietnamese relatives. We ate in a sri lankan restaurant that night called Bamboo Light Cafe, very nice food by the river and the most amazing sunset I have ever seen (you will see the photos when I find a bloody USB port that works).

Day 40: We got a bike taxi to some nearby water rapids, near bokor national park. It cost us 5$ and he waited around to take us back for a couple of hours. It was amazing. No western tourists, just a local cambodian favourite. We wondered around and found an amazing spot, on our own next to the river. From here you could see local kids swimming against the rapids, families bathing their children. We swam about and really felt like we had discovered something. Whilst we were the entertainment for the locals (staring through the trees when we were swimming), this felt like the real cambodia. After a nail biting journey home on the bike, with no helmet and nothing to hold onto, we had another relaxing night by the river. Found a cafe that sold choclate brownie and ice cream (a real luxury), sat in huge basket chairs and doused ourselves in tiger balm to prevent constant itching of bites. Later we booked a bus to Shinnoukville.

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