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July 13, 2008

We decided since we had an early start that we were going to take breakfast out. 30 minutes later we finally found a small café open on Sunday morning to serve us breakfast. Ham & cheese sandwiches, and water. We were then on our way to Sagres.

On the way out of Albefuria we stopped at the gas station and gassed up the car. During the drive, the car started running a little rough, so just inside Sagres we stopped at th Citrol gas station. I ran through the owners manual and verified that it took gasoline, gasoleo. Did you know that gasoleo means diesel in Portuguese, neither did I. Well, we made a call to roadside assistance and they said a service truck would be there in 45 minutes. 2 hours later the ACP truck arrived, the service man didn’t speak one word of english. Good thing Joseph and I have been doing crash cram courses on Portuguese. He finally understood the problem. He pumped the mixed fuel out of our tank and put some desiel in, a 30 minute task for him. The whole foul up cost us one additional tank of gas, but nothing else. I recommend Hertz to anyone traveling abroad :-)

We headed to the fortress at Sagres, another end of the world experience. This one was much more dramatic than Cabo de Roca. Shear cliffs which you walked within 10 feet of. Wind surfers down in the western bay crashing through waves. A calm eastern port with water blue green, a sand bottom, and clear enough to see the crevices in the submerged rocks. We toured this point all the way around and Joseph and I climbed the parapets. It was a very windy experience, and it was nice to see on our drive back that there were several wind farms, harnessing this power for the local people.

When we got back to Albefuria it was 3 o’clock and we were all starved. We went to Edy’s and scarfed down a bunch of food. The walk up to the hotel was a little slower with full bellies. Joseph and I decided to head to the beach, I still had a 60 minute workout to get in. The 4 hour bike ride has been put off until Tuesday, due to car troubles this morning. Bob elected to pack and pick up. Joseph and I flopped around in the water afterward. The beach was packed since it is Sunday, a big difference compared to the first day we arrived. The city is a lot more alive on the weekends.

When Joseph and I got back at 8 to the hotel, we were starved. Bob decided his roast beef had worn off as well. Back to Edy’s to have another large meal. Since tomorrow is a break in training, I entertained myself with a beer, OK, two beers. Jospeh and I are about the play a game of pool as soon as I am done with this journal. So, I am done with this journal.

As always, we miss you all. Your messages are great, keep them coming we get a kick out of seeing your comments. Anyone desiring a postcard should send there address through today or tomorrow, as we plan on sending our postcards from Evora. Till our next entry.

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