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Adella & James at Todos Santos' only "restaurant"

Outside my "hotel"...if you could call it that!

Todos Santos rooftops


Hmmm, not so much.

This is my hippie skier look...doesn't work so well in the TS...

This is the Todos Santos traditional village attire..they dress like this every...


The busy market down below

The men of Todos Santos watching the market chaos down below


Chicken bus is the only way to get up to Todos Santos

Little ducklings in the street!

The road up to James & Adella's cottage

Corn fields in the mountains

The fog settling over Todos Santos

Home sweet home!



High above the clouds!

Adella & James planned to stay for over a month in Todos Santos, a small village up in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. James had lived there for 6 months at one point, so he was excited to get back to the mountains and catch up with some old friends.

I never would have ventured up to Todos Santos if not for these two, but I am so happy that I did. It's a long and scary (3-hr) bus ride (chicken bus) to get there. It's a beautiful ride that takes you up into the sky, above the cloud line and into the fresh mountain air. It's not a comfortable ride thanks to the dirt road, packed chicken bus, and crazy Spanish music blaring through their makeshift speaker system...but it is worth it! I know getting there is half the fun and life's a journey, not a destination...but this was one tough ride!

I spent just a few days with James & Adella. They have a cute little house in the hills and are living the "simple life" for the summer. It's pretty dang cold up there and it's not easy to find those little creature comforts like a warm shower and a Snicker's bar...heck, there's not even a real restaurant there! It rained EVERY afternoon, which was an excellent time for a siesta.

I make is sound so terrible...but it wasn't. The people are really friendly and they are all wearing their local town outfits (you'll see in the pics). The scenery is amazing. We went on a morning trek up into the hills and found ourselves high above the clouds with an amazing view of all the surrounding volcanoes. We went to the market, walked around town, and just relaxed.

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