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The Portions Aren't Really that Big ! (Cliff)

Don Quixote - The Shop for Anyones Needs !

A Snow Cold Sarah !

I Accept It Finally ! I Was A Tad Cold !!!

Chika - The Hostess with the Mostest (and a good translator)

Views Across Tokyo !

Tokyo Tower....Don't Do It !!!

Cool Keith in a Temple !!!

So, finally we hit Tokyo, the 'third' capital city of Japan (they seem to change them every now and then and Tokyo is the latest !).....

Our first port of call was finding Cliff Nakamura (Panasonic) - we had planned for meeting at 7pm but a slight timing miscalculation saw us arrive a bit later arriving at 8 (after finding our hotel). Cliff took us on a quick tour of the Shinjuku area showing us an amazing 24 hour shop called Don Quixote - you could buy anything there really cheaply....clothes, washing machines.....bikes.....(had to be put in).....we then went off to a meal in a top notch restaurant where we had a superb meal. Sarah tried Sake and managed with honour ! Leaving Cliff in some light rain we finally went back to our 'hotel' sleeping bags on the bed were the order of the day !!!

We awoke the next morning to a snow blizzard (check out our photos) - it was cold and wet and we put our Kags and Jacks in bags into action - cool or what ! We wandered around lost a bit and finally jumped on a train to the Akinhabra District - the electronic area....chaos ! Loads of shops with too many things similar for sale all next door to each other ! We then shot over to the Imperial Palace but unfortunately it's closed on Fridays...doh ! Last stop before the evening was the Shopping Ginzas - nice and posh and expensive ! Only problem.....all their stores are on top of each other and i'm buggered if we could read the signs ! Tried a few and then gave up and left to go and meet Chika Kano (ex-Panasonic) for some drinks and food in Roppongi (THE place to be if you're young...Sarah is anyway !) - Chika acted as our translator for the evening and ordered us our food - i must have had the slowest prepared omelette and vegetable ever waiting an amazing 45 minutes ! The other two had already finished 20 minutes before then ! We then left Chika to meet up again the next day.....then back to our sleeping bags !

The Saturday arrived and we were due to leave in the evening....not without meeting up with Chika and Keith Yasumatsu (Panasonic) for a bit of sightseeing....first on the cards was the Tokyo i'm not a heights person and it was stupidly high - but i made it to the very top (i didn't opt for the stairs this time !)...we caught the lift and were left with an awesome 360 deg view of Tokyo....fantastic ! Food was the next on the cards and we had a smashing lunch in a well recomended area of the Ginza section, to finish off our food experiences in Japan. Then onto the Akasura temple and it's market stalls for a quick visit.....then, unfortunately we were driven by Keith to Tokyo station, said our farewells and got on the train to Narita Airport where we were then destined for Fiji......

ps got some big seats again - could only just touch the seat in front !

pps it was still ruddy cold at a couple of degrees....but our next installment......

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