Business Class dining

Our home for a few days

Soaking up the sun..

Looking over to our closest neighbours on Treasure Island

The locals enjoying some rugby

This is the Island we stayed on, Beachcomber Island

Leaving our Island

We arrived at the airport only to find that the flight to Fiji the day before had been cancelled so we didn't have a chance of getting on our flight as it was full with people who should have been on yesterday's flight. So after our initial disappointment we were told we would be going the next day and also were to receive some hefty compensation and were put up in a nice hotel for the night with all our meals, so we weren't too bothered in the end. When we arrived at the airport the next day we had a nice surprise as the airline rep upgraded us to Business Class. There was only twenty seats so we had absolutely loads of room, it was luxury! We got loads of free drinks and got to choose our three course dinner off the menu. The seats were like beds and reclined all the way back, they also had massive foot rests, so you could virtually lie down. We were ecstatic!

When we arrived in Fiji we were a day behind in our schedule but apart from that everything else went to plan. We had to get a boat to the Island we were staying on which took about half an hour. It was majorly hot!! We opted for a shared dormitory to sleep in, which was a little cramped but comfortable. All our meals were included, consisting of local cuisine and tropical fruit, which was very nice. We stayed a total of three nights and basically sunbathed and snorkelled. The coral and the fish were amazing, we had never seen anything like it! So much so we are going to learn to dive when we get to Australia. There were seasoned divers who said it was second only to The Great Barrier Reef in terms of variety and colour. We were sad to leave our Island paradise and doubt we will go to many other places quite as special.

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