Alaska Team 2007 travel blog

Well, I have recently completed my eighth mission-team trip to Thailand, and am still amazed at this incredible "God adventure". I learn something new with each trip, and I have the advantage of revisiting some of the same places and individuals, so I have made some of the most incredible friends from all around the world! Eventhough we return nearly every year to some of the same places, I never get bored with these trips. God ALWAYS has a surprise or two up His sleeve to spring on me, and I am always excited with anticipation as I board the plane to begin the trip.

I usually cry when I board the plane to leave Thailand. My heart (as is Terry's) is divided between two countries, and I have dear friends and family in both places. God has allowed me the job of meeting new friends, and taking them on a trip across the ocean to visit some of my family in another country.

After all these years, I still have a passion for the ministry of short-term missions, and it has only grown deeper over time. My favorite part of each trip is to watch what God does individually and corporately with the team. I get to know each team member as I help to prepare them several months prior to the trip, and then I get to observe the changes as God touches each one with new experiences as only He can do. There are definitely times when this job is work, but the benefits far out-weigh the those tough times! To those of you who have considered joining or even leading a short-term mission team, I say, "Stop ignoring that prompting from God, and get going! You are missing-out on a fabulous God-adventure!"

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