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Our trip to Thailand was everything, and at the same time, nothing that I could have ever expected. Some of the things that happened I felt prepared for and some things I don’t think I could have ever been prepared for. I could try to describe specific experiences or happenings but I honestly don’t think that any amount of words could ever do them justice.

God was with us on this trip, as he is everywhere. He led us down some amazing paths and allowed us to go places and meet people that changed us. I think that’s the word that I would best use to describe how this trip affected me, “change”. It took the foundations of everything I thought to be important, and flipped them on their head. I came to realize that there is a world out there where faith is not just talked about, but lived every single day. I met people that had nothing but were so rich. They barely possessed the means to stay alive and yet they had something more valuable than life itself. They convicted me. They encouraged me to take a serious look at my life discover what keeps me from having a faith like theirs. They inspired me to make the “change”.

I wouldn’t say that I knew exactly why I was going on this trip when I went. I knew that God had a reason and that He wanted me to go, but exactly what His reason was I really couldn’t say. I remember talking to Terry, one of our trip leaders, before leaving. He told me the reason we go is, “to encourage the people and to let them know that they are not forgotten.” I wasn’t really sure if I knew exactly what Terry had meant by that until we were standing in Mae La refugee camp in Thailand. I had met a 20 year old school teacher there in the camp, who’s name was Too Lu. We had talked for a while and then he had been helping me with some of the games and activities we had been doing with the children in the camp. After we had gotten one of the games rolling we stood at the back of the church building watching the excited children run back and forth. Too Lu leaned over to me and said, “It makes me very happy to see my people so happy. So often we do not have a lot to make us smile, but you have brought smiles to our faces. Thank you for coming here.” It was then that I knew why I had come.

I would ask that you continually pray for the Karen, the Shan, and all people that currently find themselves oppressed by the Burmese government. I would also encourage anyone to find those people with a faith that lives, whether in Thailand or elsewhere and let their lives inspire you to be more like Jesus.

Thank You for your prayers and support!


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