Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

The tower painted lilac by the lights at the bottom, looked like...

From the base..

Auckland from miles up!

Big scary bear made of ice, cool! he he - get it?...

'Chillin' with a mexican! ;o)

..she wanted it, but was just bein a bit 'frosty'!! MUWAHAHAA!

...Bit 'chilly' madam?! he he!

Alright, alright - just havin a bit of fun, no need for...

Sittin on the throne, complete with bambi roadkill - Awww!

Ice Swan.

The bar - all ice.

The bar again, this time with a blue strobe behind it..

The glasses.. This is a 'Morning Frost', mango with about 18 shots!...

The bar - cold but cool.. ?? Err!?

The bar from the outside... bit blurry but so was everything by...

Didn't really get to see much of Auckland, just did a bit of shopping - bought 2 watches cos I couldn't decide on one! ;o)

Went up the Sky tower which was pretty similar to all the other towers really, just looked nicer cos it was illuminated with really bright Lilac lights. Looked surreal, poking out of the skyline - looked like a rocket had just landed.

Then went to the Ice bar which was a bar made TOTALLY of ice. The only thing that wasn't ice was the floor,the ceiling and the seat covers! REALLY cold though - minus 5 degrees. You think 15 minutes isn't long enough but after 10 you're like BRRRRRRR! Had 2 drinks which tasted like pure vodka with some thick mango stuff in it. Didn't really feel it until you walked outside into the warm and THEN it hits you - WOOOOAAAAH!

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