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Day 26: We arrived in Nha Trang at about 6 in the morning. I had slept for about an hour of the 12 hour journey despite having taken half a sleeping tablet, generously donated to us from a fellow traveller. Why they have to play vietnemese music from about 3 in the morning I do not know, my own fault for choosing a seat under the speaker. We checked into a hotel, slept for a few hours and headed for the beach. Nha Trang essentially exists because of its beach and whilst I am sure it was once an idyllic palm tree lined haven, tourism has dirtied it somewhat. It was a nice place to stay for a bit though, a 2 minute walk to the beach and plenty of noodle stops. We met a couple of people from Amsterdam on the beach that we had previously met in Hoi An. We got stranded on the beach for an hour of torrential rain and thunderstorms, swam about in the rain and planned a cocktail expedition. Subsequently, also prompted a hangover for the next day. Spend some time wondering aimlessly to find a phone card, was daddy's birthday. Got to speak to him so was mucho happy. Then headed out. Every bar has a happy hour for most of the night, even sellers on the beach have caught on to the term (somewhat tiresome after 15 no thank you's). Tom stayed up to watch the football until about 4, I made a swift exit as I began to sway from lack of sleep (and too many cocktails, bit like a rosie smith sway, ha ha).

Day 27: Sometimes you just need to do normal things and today we lounged around the hotel room, recovered and watched spiderman 3. Planned a bit, walked a bit, I wont bore you with the details but it mainly involved baguette eating (with dairily and chilli sauce), our new staple diet.

Day 28: Got up at 8 for a Boat Trip. Apparently famed for its association with a host called funky monkey, we were looking forward to a bit of hap-hazard fun. The boat held double its capacity, they like to pack you in here. A strange combination of western and vietnamese tourists. Strange in the sense that the vietnamese looked fairly dumb-founded at the following events. We went snorkelling about on the reef, not as good as the east coast of australia, but saw some nice fishes. We soon found out this was a bit of a party boat. After lunch we had a taste of the funky monkey band. They played all sorts with a drum kit made from cooking pots and the crew/cooks/guitarists put on a good show. Sang in about 10 different languages, got a few people up for karaoke and managed to provoke a mass dancing session at about 1' 0 clock in the afternoon in a space you can't even stand up in. Following that there was a floating bar. You just attatch your self and your allocated flaoting ring and drink what can only be described as some sort of pineapple schnapps. Tasted like shit, but in true student mentality, if its free, drink it. The bar tended aka 'lady boy' was highly entertaining, declaring his undying love for another traveller. Felt a bit tipsy after a few pinapple + sea water shots. Then stopped at a few islands, tom had sea urchin soup (which was actually quite nice) and had a most excellent time on the funky monkey boat. Met up with a group of travellers that night where the vodka tonics were 15,000 dong (40p). Played ring of fire drinking game (ask becca for details) and slept well that night.

Day 30: Another chill out day. Walked most of the length of Nha Trang beach after a torrential down pour and took it easy. Booked onto a bus to Dalat for the following morning.

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