Sun, Sand and Sea 2005 travel blog

The Islands - view from the boat

The view from my dorm hut - the beach is just on...

Just outside the dining hall - with the beach hut

The bathroom hut - where the windows into the shower are low...

The night sky - absolutely gorgeous

Lei and James -as usual we're in the beach hut

A very drunk Anthony and Ma

Ana and Anthony (again drunk)

Ma and Me (a little bit burned - but that faded after...

Kelly and Levi - who always said "one more for the ladies"

Levi, Taj, Amy, and Ingrid

The really tall Czech guy (forgot his name), Brianne, Ana, and Omer...

Brianne, Caroline, Taj, Omer (in the back), Amy, Tom, and Me

Me, Ana, and Brianne

Tom loving his Fiji Bitter

Lei and Me

The Italian dancing

The Italians learning to dance

Kelly, Tom and Ana - once again in the beach hut (noticing...

Brianne in the hammock - this is how we spent 7 hours...

My birthday feast

My birthday cake

Birthday cake and beer - yummy

My birthday song - composed by Omer and played by Christian

Cutting the cake

Ana and I

Romeo (on the right) teaching the Bula Dance


The Gang - with Romeo listening to my IPod

Sunset at Korovou

The Korovou Bar

Holly, Me, Vikki, and Lizzie playing shithead

Limbo night at Waya Lailai

View from Korovou Beach - sorry it's out of order

The Breakfast Bar at Waya Lailai

The View #1

The View #2

The View #3

The Ever Important Hammocks

The Volleyball Court - where hours of fun were had

The Farewell Band

South Sea Island - the smallest island ever!!

So, it's been a while since I last checked in - not my fault though since I was without telephone, electricty (practically) and internet for the past two weeks. It's been amazing. At first I was worried that I would get bored but then I started to operate on Fiji Time - that means that you basically do nothing and everything goes very slowly. My days have consisted of the following:

8am - breakfast (wake up at 7:59)

8:30-12 - hammock time

12 - lunch

12:30-4 - hammock time (if it is an energetic day, there might be an hour of swimming/snorkelling or an activity like snorkelling at a different island)

4 - tea

4:15-6:45 - beach volleyball

6:45-7 - shower

7 - dinner (and the first beer)

7:30 onwards - lots of beer, laughter, and yeah, more beer

As you can tell, it is not a hard life here. The first place I stayed was so cool I stayed for a week. After that I kept moving, staying at Korovou Resort for only 2 nights and Waya Lailai for the same. But the activities have been amazing - I went to these underwater caves (twice). You have to swim underwater through this tunnel into these huge caves. Supposedly they were considered the houses of the gods. There are so many tunnels that you can swim for 14 days and only get half way through them. there is another cave in the main room as well which is the "Pregnant Cave" - if you're a woman you're supposed to 'know' if your pregnant when you go it (No worries there). The other activities have been snorkelling at the Blue Lagoon (from the movie) and swimming with the Manta Rays - they are so cool and huge. I have tons of photos but am having problems downloading - I promise I will get this done soon!!!! But i'm still on Fiji time and it's just taking way too much energy:-)

Okay, so a quick itinerary - off the top of my head so bear with me. Left Nadi on the 19th and spent the first night at Melbravo resort in a dorm all by myself. The group (6 people, one american couple and 3 welsh guys) that I arrived with off the boat were the only people at the resort when we got there - kinda scary but I made friends with the welsh guys (we started drinking together on the beach) so it started looking better. The next day a whole new group arrived including a new roommate - Taj from Amsterdam. He and I had fun being the only one's in the dorm that night - we just got wasted and telling stories about our friends, jobs, etc. Brianne came the next day and she is awesome! She's my age (22!!!) from Canada and is in the Navy. We basically became best friends for the next week. Slowly our group increased to include Omer from Israel, Caroline and Amy from NZ, Tom from Cornwall England, Christian and his friend whose name I can't pronounce from Denmark and basically the whole staff of the island. (The Welsh guys turned out to be not so cool and ended up hanging out by themselves and 2 English girls who laughed a lot). Ana, Kelly, and Ma were the staff at the hotel and they basically supplied us with endless amount of fun. I would be on the hammock and would see one of them or their brother Romeo or uncle Lei disappear off in to the distance with either my Ipod or camera and they would return with wierd and fascinating photos. I fell in love with them. Romeo had a laugh to die for - a true cackle. Playing volleyball with him was amazing! All the Fijians are incredibly strong. They have coconut climbing contests. Romeo climbed up and down (to rescue a volleyball) in 10 seconds flat. We also taught him some rather rude language so that whenever someone took a long (over 5 minutes) shower he would go up to them and ask if they had been "Bashing the Bishop" - very embarrassing. There was also 2 Czech guys staying, Vito and George. Vito was hilarious!! A born clown. He was a dance teacher and when Brianne asked what type of dancing he taught he replied "Bathroom dancing". Priceless. He spent every day wearing nothing but speedos - He asked Caroline and Amy at one point what the difference between 'scary' and 'awful' was, they explained but then said that his speedo's were both (he put on shorts after that).

One to the next island - Korovou. Same party atmosphere here - didn't go to bed until 4am!!! A group of 10 just stayed up talking and drinking. I played Blackjack with an Irish man and Craig from Liverpool (and won handsomely - thank you so much Roz). They had a new respect for me after that (plus they had to buy me lots of beer). I met two girls from Reading England who were on their Gap Year - so cool. We just hung out for two days - I think they though that I was nuts.

The third island was the most tame - on night one, me, a couple of English boys I had met on the first island, and an Irish couple I had also me on the first island got completely bombed and went swimming at 1 in the morning - don't worry mom, I wasn't TOO drunk:-). The following night we had a bula dance competition which I won!! I was Bula Queen and got a free drink from the bar - nice!

I celebrated my birthday on the first island - hence why I stayed for a whole week. They cooked me a cake, we danced the bula dance (hence why I won the later competition), drank Kava (the national drink which is a sedative - really nice, tastes like muddy water), and, yes, you guessed it - drank alot of beer. I have photos but again, I can't upload them. Don't worry, I'm getting there.

Anyway, that is all the news that I can think of. So much has happened it is hard to remember.

Miss everyone loads and keep sending the emails

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