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Hey Guys!

Just a short entry this time, but wanted to go ahead and let you all know what I´ve been up to this past week before I head out again this weekend to Lanquin and Semuc Champey.

This past week has been really enjoyable for me. Tessa has become a really good friend of mine and she leaves tomorrow for Coban with her boyfriend for a week, so tomorrow is the last day I get to spend with her. :( I´m really sad because while I have met a lot of really great people, I haven´t met anyone that I really connect with and would like to invite on full weekend excursions with me. Tomorrow night, all of us at the house, including Sylvia and Francesco and Tessa´s boyfriend and his family, are going out to dinner and to a discoteca called La Sin Ventura. I´m really excited! But on to whats been going on this week...

Sunday we got a new couple who was really old. They were 70 and when they walked in all of us were really disappointed..even Sylvia. haha. I wouldn´t have minded them very much if it weren´t for the fact that they were really rude and arrogant when they spoke to us. Probably because we´re just stupid young people to them. Well, the first 2 hours of their stay here all they wanted to talk about was religion. Bobby was really happy because that´s his passion, but I don´t think he enjoyed it very much with the old folks. Bobby just wants to know information and always plays devils advocate, but the way these people expressed their views was in a very demeaning way. When they finally asked me what religion I was all I said was I´m not anything and they pretty much flipped out. It´s all good though, I just said well that´s me and there isn´t really any point in talking about it and I peaced out. haha. That night they wanted to go to dinner with Tessa, Bobby, and I so we hatched a plan to walk to a restaurant all the way on the opposite end of town from where we live. Sounds evil and really mean, and it is, but these people were in good shape and don´t look 70 by any means. Anyway, they really hated to walk so we figured if they wanted to go with us wherever we went, we would just walk really far away. I never thought our plan would actually work, but the next day they moved out and into another house. Best day ever. Now we have a new student from London and his name is Pete. Pretty cool guy, but hes 33. Next week we´ll get 2 more students since Tessa and Bobby are both leaving.

Wednesday, our teachers took us to San Antonio which is where they and their families live. We went into a little shop where they make the indigenous clothes of the pueblo and we hired the women to explain to us their traditions in clothing and whatnot. It was really interesting and all the weavework was beautiful. They say the traditional clothing of San Antonio is the most beautiful of all of Guatemala because the work is so intricate and a lot of different colors are used. It takes a year to make one shirt for a woman who is married and 6 months for a woman who is single. The type of traditonal clothing a woman wears in San Antonio depends on whether she is married or not. At the end of the little lecture the women let us try on some clothes. Both were samples of what the woman would wear in a wedding. It was so much fun and a great time, the pictures are absolutely hilarious. I have to say, I really respect the women who wear traditional clothing all the time, especially during the day time heat. The fabric is so heavy and even on a somewhat chilly day, when we were wearing the clothes, I started sweating. After we toured the town a little bit, my teacher took me to meet her sister-in-law and we met her spanish talking parrot. haha. Good time. Then we went to Tessa´s teache´s house and it was beautiful! We also got to meet her brother who sat and talked with us for probably an hour. I´ve noticed that I have really picked up a lot more spanish when I am able to actually have a conversation with someone. A lot more than what I learn when I´m just sitting at the desk with Leslie doing grammar. Tessa, my teachers, and I are always going on excursions during class times and for about a week now we haven´t actually had any real lessons. A lot of students seem to be mad about it, but the director is fine with it as long as we use it as a learning tool. I think it has helped me more than ever and I really love just talking with the people here. They´re really helpful and patient when you talk.

Yesterday, the director of the school gave me and Tessa a special invite to a private party being held at the school for Dia del Maestros, which is the equivalent of Teacher´s Day. We felt pretty special since no other students got invited! Yep, Tessa and I pretty much rule the school here. haha. jk, but we really close with our teachers and we always talk to the people in the office and whatnot, so I guess it just works out. Anyway, the fiesta was SO awesome, lots of music, dancing, and plenty of free drinks and food.

This weekend I´m headed to Lanquin and Semuc Champey. It´s about 4 or 5 hours from here, but I hear it´s definately worth it to go. Semuc Champey is a limestone pool that is safe to swim in and its tucked up in the middle of an extinct volcano. Lanquin has a whole bunch of caves and nice hiking trails so it should be a relaxing weekend. I´ll be there from Saturday till Monday morning, first trip by myself (boo) but it´ll be fine. The woman I talked to about Lanquin told me about a backpackers hotel where there is a campfire every night with music and barbeque and the people are really friendly. It´s easy to pick up a travel buddy for the weekend, so hopefully that works out! Anyway, hope you all are having an awesome time! Pictures are still not uploaded, sorry. I´m being very lazy, it just takes forever, but I PROMISE, after Lanquin I will upload all my photos from the past 2 entries. Be safe and love you all!


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