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Hello, Chris here,

We are back in Bali at the moment having travelled back from Kota Kinabalu. The journey was a pretty stress-free one apart from the flight! We managed to fly through two thunderstorms this time which made parts of the flight like an Alton Towers ride. All in all Borneo was a great trip which had some real highlights.

We have been back in Kuta for about a week now and have spent most of that time on the beach. We have found a really cheap place to stay in Kuta which is costing about five pounds a night. Its cheap and clean but the only problem is that where some of the windows are it only has insect nets so we can hear everything that happens outside, including drunk Aussies returning home. We were woken up the other morning by what sounded like a child ringing a bell on a bike. Sarah was going to give said child some beans for waking us up until we walked outside and found it was a religious ceremony where the locals were getting there cars blessed by a chap continually ringing a bell!!!I am sure that would have gone down well.

We are trying to save a bit of money before we set off to Java which will hopefully be on this Thursday. Last night Sarah could not face the fact of 'No wine for over 6 weeks' and so we set out on a mission to find her a glass of wine. Finding decent wine (i.e. not meths) in Bali is like trying to find a waterfall in the desert. After an hour of looking around all the local bars she found a glass of Jacobs Creek that cost 3 pounds, almost the cost of our room for a night! I have never seen someone so ready to part with 3 English pounds in my life or anyone quite so happy with a glass of wine. End result, happy Sarah.

As you can see by the incoherent ramblings above things are pretty quiet at the moment so we will update further after arriving in Java. Exiting!!

Both well and missing everyone!

Chris and Sarahbelle

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