Barb and Ben's South American Adventure 2008 travel blog

Ocean paradise

After another eventful driving experience we arrived safely in Hurghada. Our driver seemed to be under the impression that he was the star of the new speed racer film, on our 5 hour police convey to the red sea. Apparently there is some form of glory associated with being the first bus to be behind the police car ... even if that involves coming within inches of smashing into another bus trying to overtake you as it swerves into you - some serious swearing from us, and some yelling by our tour guide at the driver, finally resulted in us coming in a respectable (and alive) third in line.

Ah the red sea - just as a holiday should be: beautiful aqua and turquoise waters, a beautiful ocean view hotel, and nothing to do but swim and snorkel -- this is the life.

Its certainly not particular egyptian... but we loved this touristy beachfront town.

We went out on a boat for the day snorkelling which was lovely - heaps of really colourful fish. The promised lavish seafood lunch left a little to be desired ... it was mostly inedible and the only seafood to be soon was some fish heads boiled in a tomato broth - yuk!

WE were very sorry to be leaving our beach haven - but we were off to some cooler temperatures and a lot less dirt and sand in Guernsey (Channel Islands).

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