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Another day, another country as we headed for Peru this morning. At the border between Bolivia and Peru we had a number of boys who were looking for shoes to shine, and in the absence of that were very keen to offer observations and advice on what information we should be writing on our immigration cards. They were fended off with many polite 'non, gracias', at which point they started cannily asking for english coins for their 'collections'. Having tried the same ploy on my mum and dad many a time when I was young, I can't say they were successful with me. Once the formalities were completed it was another bus (I've lost track of how many buses and guides we've had so far) and another guide for the trip to Puno and another one night stop. After our arrival in the afternoon, we headed on a boat out to the floating islands, just outside the harbour of Puno on the Lake. I can't remember the name of the island we landed on, but the chief came out and met us, and explained to us exactly how the island was constructed (from loam and reeds), how long it took, and how often it needed to be replaced. All really interesting, and amazing how resourceful you can be when you need to be! The other highpoint was my purchase of a couple of hand knitted Paddington Bears from a lady in the street; well after all, he does come from deepest darkest Peru...

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